1. diagnosis the origin of the problem: Fasterize or origin

The explanations for diagnosing a problem are detailed in a dedicated article . The preferred diagnostic method is the use of the chrome extension. 

It is possible to submit a problem report via this form . The ticket will then be processed by a member of the technical team. 

2. view the status of Fasterize

Fasterize publishes the status of the platform at  http://status.fasterize.com/ . Any incident is announced on the platform. In case of problems, our on-call team is working 24 hours a day. 

3. Shut down the engine Fasterize

It is possible to shut down the Fasterize engine and clear the Fasterize cache from the admin interface: https://my.fasterize.com . 

More information is available here.

4. contact the on-call team.

Fasterize provides a non-working hours (19h-9h) for problems requiring immediate intervention. 

The penalty is accessible via an email communicated when setting up the service if your subscription allows . This email is directly connected with our internal escalation system and alerts a member of the technical team.