How to stop optimizations on a page or an HTML tag?

Modified on Tue, 4 Dec, 2018 at 3:54 PM

The exclusions to configure the engine Fasterize not apply optimizations on specific URLs of the website. Typically, it is used for:

  • internal tracking code
  • pages / admin / portal / dashboard served on the same domain name
  • AJAX queries whose answers are in JSON or XML
  • empty content resources

Global exclusions

Exclusions can be global or rule-specific. Global exclusions disable all optimization rules for excluded URLs. They are configurable on the Fasterize Administration Console, in the Configuration tab , and then click Exclusions in the left menu.

Fasterize differentiates two modes of exclusions: exclusions from an url (for a page or a static resource) and exclusions for an HTML tag.

Exclusions are configured as regular expressions. Here are some examples of regular expressions that exclude URLs:

home page: ^ \ / $

Administration page: \ / admin

Exclusions for optimizations: blacklist

If some of your pages do not display correctly with Fasterize, there is also the option to blacklist the URLs of pages or resources for an optimization rule. This allows you to fine-tune a problem with an optimization rule conflict on a page or resource without disabling all optimizations for that page or resource through exclusions. To configure these blacklists, go to the Fasterize Administration Console on the Configuration tab and click the list icon on the line corresponding to the optimization rule. Blacklists are configured using regular expressions, in the same way as exclusions.

You can also use these features to disable the rewriting of resources for which you do not have the right to modify, for reasons of respect for copyright.

If you have a problem on all pages of your site, or on your critical pages, disable the service temporarily .

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