None, your website stays online.

Fasterize is an online service monitored by two external actors Cedexis and Route53 from Amazon. All unavailability management is automated.

Automatic re-routing

Connecting Fasterize requires pointing your domain name to a special domain name:

When the platform is operating normally, the domain name will be resolved to Fasterize IP address. If our service is no longer available or does not respond fast enough, the domain name will resolve to the IP address of your server. Traffic will no longer go on the Fasterize platform.

Real time status

A status page of the service is available in real time on status.fasterize.comIn case of problems, our on-call team is working 24 hours a day.

Emergency procedure

If you notice a problem on your site that seems to come from Fasterize , we invite you to follow this procedure:

  1. If no problem is reported, press the button "Cut optimizations"

  2. If the problem is not resolved, press the "Unplug the site" button.