The test report is generated by simulating navigations on the site of origin, and other navigations on the site while passing by the service Fasterize. Both results are compared to generate statistics in the reports. A video is also generated to compare the loading speed on two results. The Fasterize test center is located in France, Paris. Simulated navigations are subject to limitations in bandwidth and network latency in order to replicate most accurately real-world navigation conditions. 

The navigations are simulated using the Webpagetest tool, a free tool that measures the speed of your site from different locations around the globe. 

The tests use the following parameters: 

  • Location: Paris
  • Browser: Google Chrome
  • Connection : ADSL (7 Mbps/800 Kbps 50ms RTT)
The report exposes the median results of 10 tests on the original servers and through the Fasterize service.