What are the HTTP headers sent to my server?

Modified on Mon, 6 May, 2019 at 5:04 PM

When Fasterize contacts your server to retrieve content that it does not cache, it automatically sends information to help you better identify the visitor. This allows you, for example, to display content for mobile devices in the case of adaptive design, or to change the language based on your visitor's geolocation.

Note : Fasterize transfers HTTP requests from the browser to the origin in lowercase.

Here is the list of HTTP headers sent in the request:

X-Forwarded-For et True-Client-IP

These two headers are essential for the configuration of your server, they contain the real IP address of your visitor and you must configure your statistics and monitoring tools for them to use. more detailed article   gives more detail on these headers.

For example :




This header returns the country code (in ISO 3166 format) associated with the visitor's IP. This header is not enabled by default, contact support or your project manager to obtain it.

For example :

X-Frz-Geoip-Country: FR


A unique identifier for each request is returned via this header, it is very useful for us to identify a problem, be sure to send it to us if you notice a problem on your site!

For example :

X-Unique-Id: 87d39c73-6f09-5097-8a43-9edd4244c739


This header informs you about the type of device used by the visitor by classifying it in a category. For more information and the list of possible values, see the article on adaptive design with Fasterize .

For example :

X-User-Agent-Class: desktop_recent


This header informs you about the protocol used by the client to connect to your site. It is only sent when your site uses the HTTPS protocol.

For example :

X-Forwarded-Proto: https

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