Note: this page is deprecated. We advise you to use who will do this configuration for you.

We recommend using this wonderful tool webpagetest to check the performance of your website in different locations and with multiple browsers.

Step 1 - Setting up both webpagetest runs

Go to :

Choose the location of the test (Paris for example) and the browser (Chrome for example).

Click on "Advanced Settings" and fill in the settings as below:

We always recommend the maximum number of tests (9) to avoid measurement errors.

Comparison before connection

We will do two tests: one on the original version and one on the optimized version

#1 : Label : "Site original"

Enter the URL in the field:

Click on the "Start Test" button.

# 2: Label: "Optimized Site"

In the "Script" part:

Comparison after connection

#1 - Label "Original"

In the script part:

# 2 - "Optimized" Label

In the script part: 

Step 2: Comparison of results

In the "Test History" section, select the two tests performed previously: 

and press "Compare":

It is then possible to see the improvement visually as well as on the waterfalls.