You can disable rules for a given page by adding a specific parameter to the url:  ?frz-[rule]=true|falseIf the rule is for sub-resources, the parameter will be in the form ?frz-persist-[rule]=true|false 

The list of parameters that apply to a page URL 

  • frz-lazyload
  • frz-concatcss
  • frz-concatjs
  • frz-deferjs
  • frz-inlining
  • frz-cssontop
  • frz-resourcesversioning
  • frz-preloading
  • frz-google_fonts
  • frz-persist-optimizefont
  • frz-persist-compressimgs
  • frz-persist-minifycss
  • frz-persist-minifyjs

And also  frz-all=true/false to turn on / off all of a sudden. 

It is also possible to disable rule options for a given page by adding in the URL a second specific parameter:  ?frz-[règle]-[option]=true|false 

Thus, we can have: 

  • frz-deferjs-onlyexternal
  • frz-minifyhtml-keepcomment
  • frz-compressimgs-jpg-active
  • frz-compressimgs-png-active
  • frz-compressimgs-gif-active
  • frz-compressimgs-svg-active
  • frz-compressimgs-gif-compressionRate
  • frz-compressimgs-png-convertPng24toPng8
  • frz-compressimgs-jpg-quality
  • frz-compressimgs-jpg-progressive
  • frz-compressimgs-jpg-stripMetadata
  • frz-compressimgs-jpg-automaticQualityDetection
  • frz-compressimgs-jpg-automaticQualityPreset (low, medium, high, very high)
  • frz-sharding-instyleattribute
  • frz-lazyload-offset ( images to ignore)
  • frz-lazyload-version
  • frz-google_fonts-fontDisplayValue
  • frz-google_fonts-asyncLoad

All these options are also available by placing cookies to keep the option for the duration of a session (limited to 24 hours). To place these cookies, just use the parameter  frz-persist-[rule] in the querystring.