Due to the nature of the solution, Fasterize requires you to connect the service via a DNS change. The DNS switch can be mastered. It is also possible to optimize only part of the site.

Case of the gradual migration of traffic

We have the ability to switch to control your site traffic at the DNS level. You can test the service on 10% and gradually increase to 100%.

This progressive changeover is temporary and has no vocation and is permanent. Indeed, there is no guarantee that a user will always be optimized during a session. This can potentially pose tracking problems.

This type of request is made only via the medium .

Case of an A / B test

We can set up an A / B test for your site. Part of the population is optimized while the other part is not optimized. In both cases, Fasterize receives 100% of the traffic. The advantage of the A / B test on the progressive deployment method is the fact that it is guaranteed that a user will always be optimized or not optimized on all of its sessions by setting a cookie.

The configuration of the A / B test is done in the configuration of your config then in the Test A / B tab .

Note: There is a small bias in the A / B test. Indeed, this cookie is taken into account only at the level of the Fasterize cache and the processing of pages and resources. All network optimizations (TCP, TLS, HTTP / 2 optimization) will be applied to both populations.


On the same domain, it is not possible to receive only HTTP traffic but not HTTPS traffic. More explanations are available on this page . This is why we ask for SSL certificates in case of HTTPS traffic.

HTTPS traffic can be optimized. This is not the case by default.