Our customers regularly want to do load tests with Fasterize to validate the load bearing of their site. Here are some indications to be able to do this type of tests in a controlled way. 

We want to be notified a day before this type of tests. In fact, if your load test is done from a single IP address, our anti-DDOS system could fire and block the suspicious address. 

In addition, it is essential to validate in advance that the injector sends traffic to all IP addresses of the CDN or frontends of the Fasterize platform. 

Finally, consider performing realistic load tests on navigational scenarios via real browsers. Indeed, this will validate the load bearing under realistic conditions with mixed traffic HTML / static resources. 

If you run tests using tools like apache bench or headquarters, queries will be served from the cache for anonymous users (cookielesscache). 

Whenever possible, consider using a single user-agent to quickly find queries in the logs. 

In addition, you can retrieve the test logs via our API.