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This is the official Fasterize extension for Magento 2. This extension aims to display your web pages faster. Besides making your website faster, the extension will make your life easier for purging the Fasterize cache, which is available in the Magento 2 dashboard.


  • Real-time optimization: The Fasterize app optimizes all your web pages in real time. Your resources are always optimized, everywhere in the world.

  • Image optimizations: Webp / AVIF compression, intelligent image compression, progressive JPEG, lazyloading, automatic resizing ...

  • JS Optimizations: Defer of JS, JS Bundling, minification ...

  • Fonts Optimizations: font-display, Woff2, subsetting ...

  • Cache optimisations: our features increase the power of your cache tenfold

  • Monitoring: follow the evolution of your performance: response time, speed index, start of rendering, number of JS errors, etc.

  • Protect your Magento platform from traffic spikes and potential DDoS attacks.


  • Manual purge of the Fasterize cache on the Magento dashboard
  • Automatic purge of the Fasterize cache via events
  • Disables the front preload to ensure better compatibility with the Fasterize engine
  • Force enable the Bundle JS to ensure better compatibility with the Fasterize engine


Magento Open Source (CE) 2.3 and newer.

Adobe Commerce using on-prem (EE) 2.3 and newer.

Adobe Commerce on Cloud (ECE) 2.3 and newer.



 The preferred way of installing fasterize/magento2 is through Composer. Simply add fasterize/magento2 as a dependency:

composer require fasterize/magento2

Optional you can download the latest version here and install the decompressed code in your projects directory under app/code/Fasterize/Magento2.

Magento Marketplace

The Magento Marketplace is the recommended and easiest way to install the extension, however, this version might be a version or two behind the Composer version while the Magento Marketplace Quality Assurance Team approves the update. Please note that Magento is now preferring installation via Composer


After the installement of the module source code, the module must be enabled by the Magento® 2 CLI.

bin/magento module:enable Fasterize_Magento2

System Upgrade

After enabling the module, the Magento® 2 system must be upgraded.

If the system mode is set to production, run the compile command first. This is not necessary for the developer mode.

bin/magento setup:di:compile

To upgrade the system, the upgrade command must be run.

bin/magento setup:upgrade

Clear Cache

At last, the Magento® 2 should be cleared by running the flush command.

bin/magento cache:flush

User Guide

API Configuration

Some features of the extension use the Fasterize API to properly work (i.e cache purge). The configuration panel is available in the Magento 2 dashboard at Stores > Configuration > Fasterize.

You can get your API information on the Fasterize dashboard.

Manual cache purge

The extension provides a way to manually purge the Fasterize cache via the Magento 2 dashboard. You can purge the stores and a specific one if needed.

Automatic cache purge

The extension will automatically flush the Fasterize cache when these Magento 2 events occurs:




By default, the extension will force enable the Magento Bundle JS, this can be changed in the settings under Stores > Configuration > Fasterize.


By default, the extension will disable font preloading, this can be changed in the settings under Stores > Configuration > Fasterize.


Every request to the Fasterize API are logged and can be found under var/log/fasterize/magento2.log


Each configurable feature has its own ACL permission.

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