During your tests, if you have a 1000 error following the connection of Fasterize via Cloudflare DNS. This is because the default configuration considers Cloudflare as your original server. There are two distinct problems:

  • Cloudflare is still active on the domain and is in conflict with Fasterize
  • Fasterize has referenced Cloudflare as the original IP of your server.

To solve the problem,

1 - Log in to Cloudflare and disable Cloudflare optimizations in the DNS part. Just tap the gray cloud icon.

2 - In the Fasterize interface, go to the 'Domain' page ( https://my.fasterize.com/website_configs/#ID/hosts_mapping ) and fill in the IP of your home server in the field "origin".

The problem is described here: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200171976-Error-1000-DNS-points-to-prohibited-IP