- On System -> Configuration -> Web -> Session Validation Settings, here are the recommended settings. 

"Use SID on Frontend" should be set to "No" if you do not use multiple domains on the same magento instance, otherwise the GET ___SID parameter on the URL would disrupt the cache. The other three parameters must be set to "No" because the traffic of the same user can come from several different IP addresses. 

- "Redirect to CMS-page if Cookies are Disabled" on System Configuration-> Web-> Browser Capabilities Detection must be disabled since visitors served by Fasterize will not receive cookies until they have placed something in their browser. basket or did not connect. 

To allow Fasterize and Magento code detection to be aligned, Fasterize provides the HTTP header x-user-agent-class in the requests. 

Here is a patch used by one of our clients on the getDeviceType method. 

// patch for the adaptative design with Fasterize



    case "old":

    case "bot":

    case "desktop_recent":

      return "d";

    case "tablet":

      return "t";

    case "mobile":

      return "m";


      return "d";



// end patch for the adaptative design with Fasterize