In order to accept and optimize the HTTPS traffic of your site, we will have to install in our servers the public certificate and the private key in PEM format. This step is required to ensure TLS termination of your site. 

The private key is a file starting with ----- BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY ----- 
The SSL certificate is a file starting with ----- BEGIN CERTIFICATE ----- 

For the transfer of these data, go to in the section TLS Certificate :

After uploading the certificate, a page lists the domain names that match configurations in our system. Submit the form to install the new certificate.

Updating the CDN configuration takes around five minutes.

Caution: An SSL certificate has a limited life. Fasterize sends you a reminder as the expiration date of your certificate (s) expires. 

Generating a new certificate via a CSR request

If you want to generate a certificate only for Fasterize, it is possible to ask us to generate a CSR file. The private key will then be generated on our servers and we will send you a CSR file to send to your CA. Once the public certificate has been generated, we will install it on our platform.