If your website serves HTTPS pages on the same domain name that you want to speed up (eg http://www.example.com/home and https://www.example.com/checkout ), then you need to set up TLS support on Fasterize.

If your TLS traffic is served by a different domain name (ex: https://checkout.google.com ) or a subdomain that is not fasterizé (ex: https://secure.example.com ), so you do not need to set up TLS support on Fasterize. It is not possible to just exclude HTTPS pages from Fasterize using blacklists, and you may break pages on your site that require TLS support.

Traffic optimized in HTTPS benefits from both FEO optimizations but it is also automatically in HTTP2! We therefore advise you to pass all your site in HTTPS.

To set up TLS support on Fasterize, you must send us your TLS certificate as well as your private key. For this, we recommend that you create a new ticket with our support team.