This page contains information required to complete the initial setup to use the Fasterize service.

Step 1. Provide the domain name of the website you wish to speed up

To subscribe to Fasterize, you only need to create an account at .

In the registration form, you must provide the domain name of your website.

Note: The root domain names are not  supported by Fasterize .

Step 2. Choice of subscription

The second step is to choose the offer that's right for you. Our offers impose a maximum number of page views.

Step 3. Check your website before connecting

When the configuration is deployed, you can start testing your site fasterizé on webpagetest  !

You can view the optimized site through the demo mode .

Previewing your website allows you to check how the site appears with Fasterize optimizations.

If you're having problems with pages that are not showing up correctly, you can exclude URLs by going to the Configuration tab of your Admin console, then clicking the Exclusions menu on the left side of the screen. You can then instantly check the effect of the exclusion and validate that the page is displayed correctly.

For more information, please refer to the article How to exclude a URL? .

Step 4. (Optional) Setting up the SSL certificate

If your site has part of the site in HTTPS, Fasterize must install your SSL certificate to work. You will find all the instructionson this page.

Step 5. (Optional) Verification of IP Client Management

After connecting Fasterize, your site will no longer display client IP addresses but Fasterize IP addresses. If your site is currently using client IP addresses, refer to this article that explains how to recover the client IP after connecting Fasterize.

Step 6. Connect your production site to Fasterize

The last step is to point the domain name of your website to the Fasterize servers using a DNS change.

Follow the instructions available on the " see detailed instructions " link on the page.