So, are you just another cache, like a CDN?

No. Of course, we use a caching system, but on the one hand it is based on extremely fast RAM and can be updated almost instantly. On the other hand, the Fasterize value is mostly realtime analyzing and modifying HTML pages, what CDNs don't do.

Why don’t you offer a CDN solution?

Because building a CDN requests huge investments in infrastructure (have multiple POP around the world, with connectivity to the top). First, we propose a CDN option provided by our partners.

Do you optimize mobile website?

Yes, optimizations made by Fasterize also have an impact on mobile devices and more interesting, some specific optimizations are automatically activated for mobiles.

Do you have a RUM feature?

Yes, RUM (Real User Monitoring) is at the heart of our monitoring platform. We decided to share it with you and offer you to monitor metrics such as loading time, Time To Click, loaded images, JS errors, etc ...

Do you optimize dynamic pages?

Yes, we do. A dynamic page (basket, customer account, etc ... as opposed to a static one) is not cachable but it doesn't prevent our engine to optimize it in real time.

Isn’t it risky to modify the HTML code?

Yes, it could be risky. However, we make every effort to mitigate this risk: our code is tested (hundreds of functional tests run continuously), the rules can be deactivated with a click and a staging platform is available to validate the interaction between your development and our rules.

What is the impact of Fasterize on a simple website ?

Fasterize optimizes any types of websites by modifying the pages, the css, the javascript and the images. Fasterize will be able to apply more optimizations on complex pages and will have the best improvements. Moreover, Fasterize may have less impact on simple pages that don't need a lot of optimizations. The effects can be seen through multiple technical and business indicators such as the loading time, the consumed bandwidth or the conversion rate. The simple way to find out the possible impact of Fasterize on your website is either by contacting us or by directly plugging your website on the service.

What is Fasterize?

Fasterize is a scalable and highly available and resilient platform which:
  • intercepts the traffic to your website (like a proxy)
  • fetch the pages from the original server(s), analyse them
  • and applies the front-end optimization rules we know for years (and also more recent ones)
  • and finally returns the pages to the browser
  • in real time
To use Fasterize, read our setup guide.
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