This page contains information needed to complete the initial setup to start using Fasterize service.

Step 1. Provide the domain of the website you want to speed up

To subscribe to Fasterize, you only need to create an account at :

In the form, you have to provide the domain name of your website.


Note : if you have a website beginning with www and redirecting to the bare domain name, you should use the bare domain in the form. But the bare domain is not supported yet. However, if your bare domain redirect to the www domain, you should fill up the form with the www domain.

Step 2. At this step, the service will validate that the website is up and running.

We will send you a welcome mail to verify your email account.

In the next step, Fasterize will create a configuration in background that last a few minutes. During this operation, Fasterize will create a DNS record pointing to your server. This is a required operation to be able to send the traffic from Fasterize to your server (called the origin).


Step 3. (Optional) Preview your website

The optimized website is accessible at your domain name ending with

For instance, the optimized version of is accessible at

Previewing your website will allow you to experience how your website will render when you start using Fasterize.

If you encounter any issues with pages not rendering correctly, you can blacklist the offending URLs from the exclusion pane, and preview your website again.

See the section How to exclude a URL? for more information. You will also be able to activate / deactivate the optimization applied to your website to try more agressive optimization.

Every time you change the configuration, you should verify the rendering of your website and verify the performance with webpagetest.

See the section How to perform a performance test of my website on Fasterize?.

Step 4. Setup the Serving Domain

In this last step, you will point your website’s main DNS record to Fasterize datacenters.

Follow the instructions to add a CNAME (Alias) record for your serving domain (or edit the existing record) to point to Fasterize servers. If your website serves pages over SSL, please first consult the SSL Setup guide to support SSL traffic on your website, before proceeding with the DNS change.


Detailed instructions on how to modify your DNS is available.