The exclusions provides a way to tell Fasterize to not perform any optimizations on specific URLs for your website. It is typically used for:

  • internal tracking code
  • admin/portal/dashboard on the same domain
  • ajax responses sending JSON or XML
  • empty content

The exclusions are global – i.e. it will disable all the rules for the excluded URLs. It can be configured in the Fasterize administration console, in Configuration tab, click on Exclusionsmenu on the left.

Regular Expressions are supported to specify the exclusions. Here are examples of valid ways to specify excluded URLs.**.jpg

If some of your pages seems not correct with Fasterize, there is an other feature to blacklistsome URLs from specific optimisation rules. This allows you to fix finely the issue related to a specific optimisation rule on a specific page or resource, without disabling all the optimisations for the URL via exclusions. To configure these blacklists, go on Fasterize administration console, in Configuration tab, and click on list icon on the row of the concerned optimisation rule. Blacklists are configured with regular expressions, like exclusions.

You can also use the blacklist to disable rewriting on resources for which you do not have explicit approval to modify, such as due to copyright issues or for resources that are used for tracking (e.g. tracking pixel).

If there is a problem affecting a large number of pages, disable the service in the Fasterize administration console, in Dashboard tab, switch Status button to OFF. In this case, the plateform will continue to serve your website without optimizing the content. Open a ticket to our support team at if you need help.