6 - Troubleshooting

X-fstrz HTTP headers

X-fstrz HTTP headers give informations on the what the optimization engine did or not: p : request/response proxified w,p : optimization in progress Z,p : non optimizable page (will never be optimized, 404, 301, 302, POST, etc.). The reason is given by another flag: m : method (HEAD, PROPFIND, OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE, etc.) ecc : […]

HTTP Status Codes used by Fasterize

Here is the list of HTTP status codes reported by Fasterize in case of an error: 521 : origin resolution error 522 : virtual resource not found and unable to recreate 523 : configuration version does not match 524 : Fasterize loop detected 530 : proxy error 531 : connection refused 532 : timedout 533 […]

My PrestaShop admin reprompts me constantly, what can I do?

Symptom You try to connect to your PrestaShop admin panel and it can reject you randomly. Explanation When trying to connect to the Prestashop administation panel, the PrestaShop module tries to set a cookie. This cookie is tied to the specific IP you used to connect to the panel and by default, PrestaShop will check that […]

How to exclude a URL?

The exclusions provides a way to tell Fasterize to not perform any optimizations on specific URLs for your website. It is typically used for: internal tracking code admin/portal/dashboard on the same domain ajax responses sending JSON or XML empty content The exclusions are global – i.e. it will disable all the rules for the excluded URLs. It […]

Requests to my fasterized website seem to fail randomly. How do I fix this?

Some hosting providers configure their servers by default to throttle requests based on the user’s IP address. When using Fasterize, requests to your origin server will always be from Fasterize servers, which can lead to blocking of Fasterize server IP addresses. This results in seemingly random failures while accessing your pages. This can be fixed […]

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