5 - Technical questions

Fasterize IP addresses list

Some hosting providers need to know the list of Fasterize IP addresses that can send HTTP and HTTPS traffic to their servers. This page is intended to be the reliable source of Fasterize’s current list of IP addresses. […]

Full HTTPS migration

For your website full-HTTPS migration, there are several points to check regarding Fasterize: Fasterize should have your certificates. It may already be the case if we already display HTTPS content (login page or cart page for example). Maybe you plan to change them, in which case you have to reinstall them on the platform. HTTPS […]

How to verify my origin website (without Fasterize)?

Inspect origin website using Mozilla Firefox Download and install FoxyProxy Firefox Add-on from your Firefox browser. Restart the browser. The add-on will be visible at the right-bottom edge of your browser. Click on this add-on and click on the Add New Proxy button. In the new dialog box that opens up, in the Proxy Details tab, add the origin domain (by […]

How to perform a performance test of my website on Fasterize?

We suggest you to use the amazing tool webpagetest to verify the performance of your website in different location and with different browsers. Step 1 – Compare the grade of the original website and the optimized website. For that, we suggest your to read the quick guide made by webpagetest to execute a test or this other guide. Note that […]

How do I know the client IP address for my users’ requests?

Fasterize serves your webpages and so all requests to your origin server will be from Fasterize’s IP addresses. To get the real user IP address on your origin server, use the value stored in the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header. Here are some tips to correctly configure your host and retrieve the X-Forwarded-For header value in common web hosting software: Apache: […]

If your plateform is offline, what is the impact on my website?

None, your website remains online. This is true that even if we’ve done everything to ensure high availability of our platform, we are not immune to the failure of our datacenters! We therefore expected the case and if our platform becomes unavailable, the Fasterize DNS resolution return the queries directly on your website bypassing our […]

What is your performance test methodology?

The report is generated by simulating browser behavior for the page directly to the origin server and through the Fasterize service. The two results are then compared to generate the statistics in the report, as well as the side-by-side video comparison. Fasterize is located in our test center in Paris. The simulated browser is subjected […]

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