2 - Configuration

How to send SSL / TLS certificate and private key

Sending the SSL / TLS certificate and its private key In order to accept and optimize the HTTPS traffic of your site, we have to install on our servers your public certificate and your private key in PEM format. This step is required to ensure TLS termination of your site. The private key is a […]

Non-Cacheable pages for WordPress, PrestaShop and Magento

WordPress wp-login (login page) wp-admin (admin page) ?preview=true (preview page) xmlrpc.php Woocommerce (ecommerce + WordPress) cart|my-account|checkout|addons|logout|lost-password|product/* ?add-to-cart= Prestashop Prestashop backend ^/admin ^/?mylogout= Any page for customers ^/authentication ^/my-account ^/identity Any page for sales ^/cart.php ^/order.php ^/addresses.php ^/order-detail.php ^/order-confirmation.php ^/order-return.php Magento admin checkout customer moneybookers paypal wishlist catalog_product_compare contact sales newsletter

Does Fasterize support bare domains?

Fasterize currently does not support serving pages from bare domains. You will need to migrate your site to serve content from the full domain instead. Follow the instructions in the setup guide so Fasterize can correctly serve your full domain, say www.example.com. Configure your server to perform a server-side redirect (termed a “301 redirect”) from your bare domain […]

My domain currently redirects users from the full domain, www.example.com, to the bare domain, example.com. Why should I remove this redirect? How do I remove it?

When your full domain, www.example.com, has a 301 (or 302) redirect to your bare domain,example.com, customers who try to access www.example.com will instead load example.com, bypassing Fasterize and going directly to your servers. As a result, none of your pages are optimized by Fasterize (because they are loading example.com via your servers). To receive the benefits of Fasterize, you must remove the […]

How to create the DNS record to plug Fasterize?

To set up the service, simply change the DNS record of your domain name: Sub domain TTL Type Value www 300 CNAME www.example.com.fasterized.com. You can consult our quick guide to modify this DNS record for the main providers.

How to setup the DNS record for the main providers?

This page contains provider-specific instructions for changing the DNS settings of your Serving Domain. If your provider is not listed below, try searching your hosting provider’s documentation or use your favorite search engine to find instructions to add a DNS CNAME-record. Also please feel free to write to us if you have feedback or need assistance. Note […]

How to change the origin server?

At the configuration creation, Fasterize has created a DNS record pointing to your server. If you change the location of your server, you have to create a new DNS record pointing to the new location. Note that changes to DNS records may take up to 24 hours to propagate. Consider using the tool at www.whatsmydns.net […]

Do I need to setup SSL support for my website with Fasterize?

If your website needs to serve HTTPS pages on the same domain as the one you want to setup with Fasterize (eg. http://www.example.com/home and https://www.example.com/checkout) then you need to setup SSL support for it with Fasterize. If your SSL traffic is served via a different domain (eg. checkout.google.com) or a subdomain of your website that is not configured with […]

Setup guide

This page contains information needed to complete the initial setup to start using Fasterize service. Step 1. Provide the domain of the website you want to speed up To subscribe to Fasterize, you only need to create an account at : http://www.fasterize.com/en/users/sign_up. In the form, you have to provide the domain name of your website. Note […]

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